In our rural location wildlife is a natural part of every garden from birds and their feeders to insects, newts, toads or hedgehogs. It is our responsibility to ensure our gardens are not only beautiful and safe for us but also wildlife friendly providing a safe haven, potentially food for birds and insects (especially bees which are essential to our world) and an opportunity to see wildlife in our gardens and from windows in our own homes.

Labybird on Flower

Colin and his occasional assistant Isabella (our daughter) loves seeing all the toads in ponds, lakes and streams. they have even been known at certain times of the year to save hundreds from various swimming pools! Hedgehogs are not as common as they used to be but with a little careful planning in your garden they can find a haven and become an asset to your garden whether its small or large!

Sweetpea Flower

We all know the importance of bees and also sadly their declining numbers in recent years. Setting aside a small area of your garden to wild flowers or carefully selecting certain varieties of flowers in your boarders will attract bees and provide food for them but also attract other garden friendly insects like butterflies.

Wildlife Gardening
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