Wow its October already and that means darker evenings, darker mornings, falling leaves and if course the start of those frosty nights! If your garden is town based you may be lucky and get away without a frost for slightly longer but if on the other hand you are rural based you may have already experienced some light frosts! I know we have personally had to defrost our cars at 6am several times already in the morning before going off to the stables to do our horses.

Icey Plant

So thinking about the changing seasons, lower temperatures and of course in particular frosts what does that mean for your garden?

  1. Make sure tender plants are covered up
  2. If pots aren’t frost prove then put them away
  3. Always keep a little rock salt in to ensure pathways are safe
  4. Think about protecting the roots of more stable plants if frosts are particularly hard
  5. Put your garden furniture away or cover it
It’s Getting Cold Out There!
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