At Garden Elf we are believers that a garden should be enjoyed by all of the family and in many cases that includes furry friends as well. Many of our customers have dogs (of all shapes and sizes), cats, ponies and there is even a hawk at one of our gardening customers! With this in mind we always ensure that any gardening products we use are animal and child friendly (as many customers also have children or grandchildren).

Colin with Daisy the Terrier

We are also well used to, prepared and experienced in rescuing gardens from our furry friends activities and adventures. Only this weekend one of our regular doggy friends took it upon himself to remove some newly planted rose bushes so Colin was at hand to rescue them and replant them. We are used to chickens following us around and on occasion have even provided chicken sitting services to a handful of customers.

Spotty Chicken

If you are like us our animals are part of the family and we are used to ensuring that they are completely safe at all times. We are also used to them ‘helping’ us at various times. At several of our customers the dogs are just as pleased to see us as their owners and shadow Colin the entire time he is there.

Some of Our Furry Friends
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